Concert Announcement: April 10

The Center for Iranian Music, CMU Turkish Student Society, and TEPKI music collective present:

Dances of the Yoğurt Maker: Folk and Contemporary Music of Turkey

Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014
Time: 8PM
Where: Alumni Concert Hall, College of Fine Arts, Carnegie Mellon University


Concert Program:

  • Erberk Eryılmaz, “Dances of the Yoğurt Maker” [World Premiere]
  • Önder Özkoç, “Metamorphose” [World Premiere]
  • Mehmet Erhan Tanman, “Turkey Now” [World Premiere]
  • Beste Özçelebi, “Tam-Tam Quartett” [U.S. Premiere]
  • Ahmed Adnan Saygun, Selections from “Inci’s Book” and his piano works “on Irregular Meters”
  • AND Turkish Folk Music performed by Önder Özkoç

TEPKI music collective***: Daniel Curtis, Annie Darlin Gordon, Erberk Eryılmaz, and Laura Krentzman directors


  • Önder Özkoç, composer and bağlama player
  • John Henry Kruer and Meredith Riley, violins
  • Evan Kahn and Cody Green, celli
  • Ryan McMasters, bass
  • Charlotte Kies, clarinet
  • Carlos Camacho and Abby Langhorst, percussion

***TEPKI is a professional music collective, variable in size and adventurous in repertoire, dedicated to performing music from as many different traditions and in as many different styles as possible. Performing in alternative venues and collaborating with artists and organizations from other disciplines are central tenants of the group’s mission. Over the course of the next year, TEPKI will be working to establish itself as a cultural hub that expands the possibilities of what a concert can be and what music education can mean–while also bringing great new music to the community.